Pub Snooker

Play Snooker tournaments against computer players – plus Snooker Challenges & Time Attacks.

Win over 50 Trophies for top scores, big breaks & special shots.

Excellent billiards physics with accurate spin control.

The ultimate billiards challenge!

What is Snooker?

Snooker is one of the most popular types of cue sports in the world and is seen as the ultimate challenge in its genre. It has millions of fans in the UK alone, but is also popular across Europe, the commonwealth, and China – increasingly popular in Asia.

In Pub Snooker you can find out how to play snooker, if you don’t already know.

AI Players

The computer players have excellent AI. They are capable of playing tactically, e.g. playing positional shots and playing safety shots. Try the extra difficult Beat The Master Challenge to see the computer play positional shots and playing tactically when required. This gives the computer players a more realistic feel and makes the game more engaging – probably the best snooker AI in any flash snooker out there. I certainly haven’t found one better yet.


There are 6 tournaments to be won that are linked to a ranking system. So as you win the tournaments, your ranking gets better until you reach #1!

The tournaments have varying difficulty, so players can find their own difficulty level.

3-Reds Snooker

3-Reds Snooker is a new type of snooker we created for the game. It’s similar to normal snooker but there is only ever a maximum of 3 reds on the table at any time. After potting a red, another red is randomly added to the table before you play for a colour. Once all a limited number of extra random reds have been added, then you play for colours like you would in a normal game of snooker. This mode is great for making big breaks as the table is more open so it’s easier to play positional shots for the next ball.


There are several challenges where you try to score as many points as possible before you lose a certain amounts of lives (misses) and the game ends.

Time Attacks

There are two Time Attacks, Clear-Up Reds and Clear-Up Colours. You have to pot all of the balls on the table as quickly as possible get set a top score.


There are over 50 trophies to be won in the game for winning tournaments, setting top scores and special shots. These trophies automatically saved and keep the players coming back.


Pints are like experience, as you play, the number of pints (of juice of course!) you drink increases as you play, beat opponents and win matches.

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